"20 years of Swiss automated machines heritage is just a phone call away."

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LANCO A.G. was a legendary Swiss automation and assembly lines builder.

For more than 35 years we designed and produced leading edge complex innovative machines.

Our mission is to make this unequaled engineering know-how available under a new structure.


Maintenance and upgrades of LANCO machines:

  • Computer applications
  • Test stations
  • Toshiba robots
  • Staubli robots

by the very same persons who designed and made them.

  • Complex high speed in-production test stations including:
    • Data acquisition
    • Numerical methods
  • Signal processing of:
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Acoustic, etc...
    values for product quality assurance.

  • Custom automation software in C++
  • Integrated PC based automation
  • Custom fast communication protocols
  • Custom data gathering and acquisition
  • SCADA solutions
  • Small footprint embedded automation


Small footprint integrated web server:

  • Specifically developed in C++ for industrial use
  • Allows several users to interact with the machine in real time while receiving synchronous updates on the actual status
  • Push server to clients, no applets or activeX needed
  • The perfect replacement for outdated operator panels


Complex programming of Staubli and Toshiba industrial robots.


On-site maintenance, repairs and emergency-response of Toshiba industrial robots.


Advisory and counseling in:

  • Engineering and commissioning of International industrial equipment projects
  • Design reviews
  • Expertise
  • Litigation
  • Affidavits

  • Industry related accidents investigation and forensics
  • Data recovery
  • Aftermaths and legal actions expertise / support